In-person Styling Services

Tangerine Queen is based in San Francisco, CA and is available for in-person styling to those who are local.

Closet Edit

The closet is my favorite place to truly get to know the state of your current wardrobe and dive deep into how to optimize it for you!

Together we will go through your closet in its entirety. We will determine what works best for your body, style and lifestyle while parting ways with pieces that no longer serve you. We will breathe new life into your wardrobe with outfit ideas, styling tips + tailoring recommendations for pieces you own that aren't getting the love they deserve. I will recommend key pieces to fill in the gaps to round out what you already have, ensuring future purchases are made thoughtfully with your holistic styling goals in mind.

Post appointment, you will receive a virtual version of your curated closet mixing the pieces in your wardrobe into endless outfit combinations. Remember Cher's virtual closet in Clueless, anyone? This is Tangerine Queen's take on that! Wake up, scroll through your outfit guide to know exactly what to wear in the morning and take the guess work out of getting dressed.

Shopping Appointment

Let’s shop together at the store(s) of your choice! Get ready to tackle your wardrobe needs with ease and intention.

You’ll arrive to pre-pulled complete outfits curated for your lifestyle and upcoming events. You’ll leave with the pieces you need to fill in gaps in your wardrobe along with the knowledge on what styles work for your body and how to seamlessly put outfits together. You’ll also receive a curated outfit guide with the pieces purchased on your shopping trip to understand how to work them into your wardrobe.

*This service is currently only offered post-closet edit