Sustainable Styling

While shopping vintage is a great way to minimize your carbon footprint, I understand this is not a practical option for all shoppers. Regardless of where we shop, shopping with intention is an important part of sustainability. This requires knowing your personal style, understanding what works well for your body, budget and lifestyle and learning how to avoid falling into the trap of trends.

With Tangerine Queen styling, I am here to help educate you on all the above to become a better, more intentional shopper. My mission is to bring joy to your everyday dressing, however that may look for you!

Your Stylist

I’m Katelyn, the one-woman show behind the scenes at Tangerine Queen. I’ve worked in the fashion industry for over a decade for big companies such as Nordstrom, and The Realreal as well as for fast-paced start-ups in their infancy and beyond. From merchandising and management to styling and designing custom clothing, I’ve spent years unknowingly honing the perfect skillset to wear all the hats at a start-up of my own. I launched Tangerine Queen in 2021 to combine my two passions, vintage + styling, with aims to bring some brightness to the world.

My style is bold and eclectic, but that is MY style. Part of being an excellent stylist is helping each client find a means of self-expression that is all their own, or what we in the biz call ‘style flexing’. Hot pink and leopard are my neutrals but if beige and cream are yours, don’t worry.. I’ve got you! I’ve worked with thousands of clients over 10+ years of styling, from minimalist to maximalist and all that’s in between.

Let's work together!